3i Business Solutions AG

Your partner for your Asian and European business

3i Business Solutions AG

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3i Business Solutions AG

From a local challenge to a successful
European and Asian business

3i Business Solutions AG

Your partner for your Asian and European business

3i Business Solutions AG

Initiate ▪ Innovate ▪ Inspire

Your Benefits

High performance Organizations

The integration and acknowledgement of foreign cultures is vastly important to successfully shaping market access.
Picking the right management personnel and the right employees, developing and training them and ultimately maintaining the set high standards are key. We work closely with you to build strategies and tools to train your local workforce to improve work ability as well as general resilience.

Sales Excellence

To sell successfully, it is vital that a substantial understanding of the market and potential customers is built-up.
We will support you in pioneering a comprehensive marketing concept through strategy and analysis, as well as effective promotion, product mix, product pricing, distribution and development of your USP. These key factors are crucial to building a successful company within Asia and Europe. We assist you in identifying key opportunities, evaluating potential obstacles and planning market launch accordingly.

Supply Chain Management

Finding the right sources with desired quality standards, optimisation of supply chains and suitable warehousing form the basis of a successful procurement strategy.
Managing and optimising procurement is a central contributor to competitiveness within a market. We will support you in finding appropriate suppliers and market partners within Europe and Asia to help achieve the desired competitive advantages.

Agile Companies and Organizational Structures

You profit through:
Mobility, digitalization and digital transformation are the driving force for the progression and development of our society. Business and leadership strategies as well as general business practice must always be kept on the cutting edge to avoid falling behind the competition and to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers.

Agile organizations and service portfolios that are able to provide the customer with a fast and malleable basis provide vast advantages in terms of adapting to both customers’ needs and the market. Through adequate adjustments or assistance with general business development we will take charge temporarily and lead your business to more widespread resilience and set you up for long lasting and durable success. We are at your service, should your organization require a short-term management and leadership solution (C- level leadership) and we will assist you with replacement of vacancies or even general reworking of organizational structure.


Your commercial success in Europe and Asia is our mission! Utilising decades of experience in establishing new markets as well as developing and strengthening existing markets in Europe and Asia, we are able to help customers succeed with their products and services in these regions respectively. There is no standard recipe for this however.
Together with the customer we analyse markets, design and initiate tailor-made strategies and implementation plans. Through utilisation of our expertise and knowledge of Asian and European markets, we offer to translate our large network and our familiarity of local cultures into ensuring sustainable success for our customers. On request we will take on operational tasks or board memberships from Shanghai to Moscow, Berlin, Paris or Zurich.

Our Offer

Interim Managment

Together with our qualified partner network we cover your need for specialist knowledge and capacity bridging of unplanned outages and situations on site.
We will temporarily take over management of your organisation for a definite period of time, to prevent sales loss and to provide time to evaluate the situation and act appropriately. In addition to temporary operational tasks, we will also take up long- term board mandates.

Project management

Do you need an experienced temporary specialist for a project in Asia or Europe? We at 3i Business Solutions AG are your reliable partner.
Our international market experience is important to developing and advancing valuable projects in the far east as well as Europe. We design, plan and execute. We will accompany projects for the desired amount of time, providing feedback, setting goals as well as monitoring implementation and development. When necessary, we initiate corrections. Through close collaboration with you, we will nurture key projects to success.

Market development

We initiate the process together with you so that you can quickly and successfully build and expand your target markets in Asia and Europe.
Different countries, different cultures and laws. Those who are not fully familiar with procedures risk making costly mistakes and increasing time expenditure for entering the market. Through our experience, we can help the customer identify and overcome the obstacles of entering foreign markets. We will also provide input through planning of necessary financial resources.

Change management

Outdated strategies, organisational structures, systems and procedures can greatly hinder profitability, and require urgent review.
We will initiate the process and will advise and accompany you in rebuilding business practices on site to greatly boost productivity and profitability.

Business consulting

We advise and accompany you with our experience and expertise to ensure your sustainable success with optimal use of resources.
Based on your specific business requirements in Asia or Europe, we develop suitable solutions, strategies and implementation plans so that you can achieve the desired results. You ask the questions; we provide you with the relevant answers.

Organisational Development

The constantly changing market and the rapidly evolving society paired with vast technological development in both hardware and software require organizations to make continuous and relentless changes to business practices to stay optimized and ahead.

We provide all rounded assistance in development of organizations and help define clear cut goals to initiate Projects effectively and efficiently. We will provide support with optimization and digitalization of systems and practices as well as provide specific innovation- product and technological management. We guarantee a strong basis for digital transformation to enable continuous development of existing competitive advantages. Furthermore, we provide support in the setting up of cooperation’s and M&A transactions as well as succession planning.


3i Business Solutions AG is a leading interim management company that has set itself the task of offering its customers the decisive market advantage and added value. Our focus is on private companies that are active in the Asian and European markets or want to become one of them. Thanks to many years of experience and our extensive network, we create the desired market access within the optimal time frame. With our impact, our pragmatic approaches and a feeling for what is feasible and meaningful, we accelerate our customers success.

About Us

Patrick Mathys

Managing Partner / Founder

Phone.: +41 (0)32 426 88 88
Email: p.mathys@3i-bsag.com

Erich Spirgi

Managing Partner

Phone: +41 (0)79 273 25 14
Email: e.spirgi@3i-bsag.com

Daniel Gfeller

Managing Partner

Phone: +41 (0)79 340 33 27 
Email: d.gfeller@3i-bsag.com

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