Aileen is a dedicated Project Coordinator with an extensive background in Business Development and Sales. After working in the dental healthcare industry in Shanghai for 7 years, Aileen completed a CAS program in Marketing, Digital Transformation and Business Administration at the prestigious University of Bern in Switzerland. This experience not only gave her a deep understanding of technology and precision in her work, but also a high level of self-discipline and commitment to her work.

Aileen has worked for 8 years in sales and business development for different international companies in Switzerland. Her background in healthcare, luxury goods, IT and sustainability has given her a broad understanding of different industries and the ability to fulfill different needs.

As a Project Coordinator, Aileen is able to effectively manage complex projects from start to completion. She brings together a team of professionals to work effectively toward a common goal and is able to respond quickly to changes and challenges. Aileen has excellent organizational skills and a deep understanding of project management tools and techniques.

She is a passionate and dedicated person, committed to her work and her team. She understands that clear communication, effective collaboration and a positive attitude are essential to project success. Aileen’s diverse industry experience and background make her an invaluable resource to our organization in providing successful project management.