Aileen Gu

Aileen Gu is a dedicated project coordinator with a broad background in the fields of marketing and sales. After working as a dental technician in Shanghai for seven years, Aileen completed her CAS in Marketing Management at the prestigious University of Bern. These experiences have not only given her a deep understanding of craft and precision in work, but also a high level of discipline and commitment to her job at 3i Business Solutions.

After her return to Switzerland, Aileen worked for eight years in various international corporations in the areas of sales and business development. Her background in the branches of healthcare, luxury, IT and sustainability gives her a broad understanding of various industrial fields and a capacity to meet diversified requirements.

In her function as project coordinator, Aileen Gu has proven to be effective in the area of the management of complex projects from the start to the conclusion. She is able to bring together a team of professionals to work effectively towards a common objective, and to respond quickly to any changes and challenges. Aileen Gu also has excellent organizational skills and a deep understanding of project management tools and techniques.

Aileen is a passionate and committed employee who shows engagement for her work and her team. She understands that clear communication, effective collaboration and a positive attitude are fundamental to achieve success in a project. Her extensive experience and background in various industries make her a valuable resource for our company who carries out successful project management.

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