Erich Spirgi

Erich Spirgi Interim Vertical Transport Experte 3i Business Solutions

Erich Spirgi has extensive academic credentials and international experience. He holds an EMBA, an electrical and software engineering degree. He is  Swiss with Hong Kong permanent residency.

Erich has extensive work experience in Europe as well as in more than 12 Asian countries. He is an expert in the fields of research and development, product management, complex challenge, business development, team building and interdisciplinary leadership.

His industry experience covers the branches of electrical engineering/electronics, elevators and industrial applications. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of development of new products and technologies, the implementation of R&D strategies and the effective controlling of projects.

Erich is known for his ability to identify complex challenges and to develop effective solutions. He knows how to build and motivate teams so that they can perform at their fullest. His intercultural competence and experience in dealing with different cultural backgrounds make him a precious member of our company.