Our procedure at 3i Business Solutions AG

Our range of services covers the following three areas: 3i Interim Management, 3i Academy and 3i Retail.

The interim management is one of our core competencies putting our customers into the position to react quickly and effectively to the changing requirements. In the Academy, we offer training concepts that enable our customers to expand and update their knowledge in various areas and continue to do so in the long term. At the same time, it helps to carry the momentum generated from interim management into the organization and consolidate it. Finally, in the retail sector, we offer our customers comprehensive solutions for market development in Asia and Europe as a continuation of internationalization.

Our approach is pragmatic and impact-oriented. We accompany our customers from the idea to the implementation and ensure that our measures are tailored to their specific requirements. We do not offer standard solutions, but individual and tailor-made concepts tailored to the requirements of each individual customer.

We are proud of the long-standing relationships we have built with our customers and our ability to help them optimize their business activities and achieve their goals. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner to accompany you on the path to sustainable success, then 3i Business Solutions G is the perfect place for you.

So that we can not only generate the momentum for your company, but also use it, we have a tried and tested approach. This is even in the first place in our corporate name: 3i

Initiate ▪ Innovate ▪ Inspire


In the initial phase... Common diagnosis of the present situation and analysis of the requirements 3i listens and understands your challenges Deep and detailed understanding of the present situat ...

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In the innovation phase.... Solution approaches are developed and defined together These are not standards, but tailor-made 3i is committed to a holistic view from the outside a practical c ...

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In the Inspire phase.... A holistic understanding of the whole company' and continuous support Consolidate all achievements Fine-tuning of solutions, processes and culture Anchoring the achie ...

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Procedure at 3i Business Solutions

  • Start

    Your requirement

  • Initiate

    Together we will clarify your requirements as well as your solution approaches. We will develop a plan for generating and increasing momentum in your company.

  • Value Proposition

    We will show you how we create value together and how we achieve an added value for your company.

  • Innovate

    Together we will implement the coordinated project plan.

  • Check Points

    Regular status meetings help you to maintain control and ensure that the project is on the right track.

  • Inspire

    We also support you after the project has been completed to ensure that your company follows the chosen path and pursues the strategy in the long term.

  • Completion


    They have a solution for the future and have the suitable control tools at disposal for a long-term success.

Our many years of experience and successful projects have confirmed this approach time and again. It is a process creating transparency and commitment to entrepreneurial success.

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