Who is 3i Business Solutions

3i Business Solutions AG is a unique interim management company giving its customers the crucial market advantage. This claim and this conviction were the inspiration for the foundation of the company in 2020. Even today we still adopt this claim within the company.

After a cumulative experience of 30 years made by the founders on site in Asia, the concept 3i was implemented. And this concept is the core of all challenges in the field of business development:

Initiate – Innovate – Inspire.

Comprehensive business activities in the very large economies of Asia-Europe are frequently fraught with both hitherto unknown challenges and risks. The customers of 3i benefit directly from the condensate of all experiences and observations made in this field of tension. The qualities of 3i are the selection of the right market, the determination of the right local partners, the sustainable set-up of the business sustainably and consequently the achievement of risk minimization

At 3i Business Solutions AG, the geographical focus of the management activities is on Asian and European markets. Thanks to pragmatic approaches, constant support and impact-oriented measures, the company 3i Business Solutions AG makes its customers faster, more targeted and above all sustainably successful.

Thanks to many years of experience and extensive networking with partners, experts and specialists, 3i Business Solutions AG creates the ideal conditions for customer processes, supply chain management, market development and management.

3i is convinced that this is precisely the way to create a sustainable added value within companies.

We are at your service …

Aileen Gu

Aileen Gu is a dedicated project coordinator with a broad background in the fields of marketing and sales. After working as a dental technician in Shanghai for seven years, Aileen completed her CAS in Marketing Management at the prestigious University of Bern. These experiences h ...

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Dr. phil. nat. Karl Brander

Karl Brander is Senior Partner, plant physiologist and carries a PhD in molecular biology. He completed his post-doctoral studies in the fields of allergology and immunology. In his function as product manager and sales director, he has worked in the life science industry for ten ...

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Markus Steiner

Markus Steiner is a Senior Partner, Swiss Federal MBA. Dipl. Purchaser and Purchasing Manager who studied at the HSG in St. Gallen. He has a management and professional experience of over 35 years in medium-sized companies as well as in multinational corporations in the field of ...

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Erich Spirgi

Erich Spirgi is a senior partner enriching the company with his extensive academic qualifications and international experience. He holds an EMBA degree in electrical and software engineering as well as a Swiss and Hong Kong permanent residency. Erich has extensive work experience ...

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Ridvan Misini

Ridvan Misini is responsible for accounting and the 3i-face to our customers and suppliers. Ridvan has extensive financial training and oversees our departments of internal finance and human resources.

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Erich Steiner

In his function as Managing Partner, Erich Steiner brings a wide range of experience and knowledge to 3i Business Solutions. He holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, USA, and has 16 years of experience in the field of general management in the DACH region as well as 14 y ...

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Patrick Mathys

Patrick Mathys is a managing partner and company founder, whose impressive academic qualifications and extensive international experience extraordinarily enrich the company. He has participated in IMD Business School's High Performance Leadership Program and has earned an EMBA in ...

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Daniel Gfeller

Daniel Gfeller is a member of the Board of Directors and an important integration for our company. He has a background in business administration, economics and political science and is a trained educator (Lic.rer.pol). additional pedagogical/didactic training. He has extensive e ...

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… with our local experts!

K.K. Chan

KK has Higher Certificate in Mechanical Engineering from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has professional technical knowledge and extensive working experience in various processes, manufacturing, and CNC production. 38 years of experience in industrial supply in Mainland ...

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Sachin Sinha

Sachin graduated from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has 17 years of experience working for multinational companies in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical and emerging manufacturing technologies ...

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Michael Eibel

Michael graduated from University of Northampton with a degree in Lift Engineering. He has 20 years of experience working for multinational companies in vertical transportation and wire rope technologies. Michael has not only technical expertise but has also gained extensive inte ...

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