Internationalization Strategies for Successful Expansion

In times of volatile markets and uncertain geopolitical developments, gaining an advantage through clever internationalization strategies can be extremely important. Targeted expansion can not only sustainably increase sales, but also efficiently minimize individual risks. Internationalization can therefore make a significant contribution to a company’s long-term competitiveness. In this article, we explain the objectives of an […]

Global Supply Chain Management – Our Comprehensive Guide

Global supply chains have become integral to the modern business landscape, enabling access to raw materials and preliminary products worldwide at affordable prices and within deadlines. Managing these intricate processes is known as Global Supply Chain Management (SCM), aimed at controlling and optimizing these complex networks. Companies of all sizes, from multinational corporations to small […]

The Future of Work: Embracing Technological Advancements

In recent decades, workplaces across the globe have experienced unprecedented transformations. Globalization, digitalization, and innovative work models have ushered in remarkable advancements. These innovations drive greater efficiency and the flexibility essential for maintaining competitiveness. The term “Future of Work” aptly encapsulates this evolution. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the DACH region have been […]

Interim Management in Switzerland

The world is turning ever faster, and Swiss companies are facing enormous challenges today due to globalization. Even in difficult times, projects should not remain dormant for long, but the shortage of skilled workers now affects all levels and paralyzes entire industries. This is precisely where experienced interim management in Switzerland can step in at […]

Advanced Sales & Distribution Training

Sales overwhelmingly drive revenue for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In this context, professionals in sales need more than just technical proficiency; they require strong interpersonal skills. Only when these two aspects align can a company achieve sustained success and steady income. Targeted training in sales and marketing holds the potential to […]

The Objectives of Supply Chain Management

In today’s increasingly globalized business environment, efficient global supply chains play a pivotal role. The COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the significant impact of supply chain disruptions, leading to shortages and substantially higher procurement costs, ultimately affecting global production. One of the primary goals of Supply Chain Management (SCM) is to proactively avoid such situations. […]

Outsourcing to Asia

In today’s business landscape, companies in the DACH region face immense challenges due to rapidly increasing competitive pressure. Customers not only expect consistently higher quality and better services, but also competitive prices. Outsourcing to Asia can be the ideal solution as it offers the advantages of lower costs, a well-trained workforce, and greater flexibility. However, […]

Market Development: Definition, Approach & Criteria

In order for a company to operate successfully in the long term, it must be able to assess the market and its future movements as accurately as possible. It is essentially a matter of gaining important data on market development in order to make correct decisions. In this context, the term “market forecast,” which is […]

Change Management Process: Definition, Models & Methods

A company needs to constantly adapt and adjust to new market conditions in order to remain successful in the long run. Otherwise, it runs the risk of missing out on important trends, technologies, and opportunities and being overtaken by competitors. However, changes can also pose a huge challenge that needs to be mastered in the […]

The Great Resignation: How to deal with it?

Over the past few years, we have read time and again about large waves of employee layoffs spanning numerous industries. The USA in particular was hit hard by the so-called “Great Resignation” and had to find short-term solutions to avert the worst. But even in the DACH region, the restrictions and losses caused by the […]

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