Karl Brander interim management Life Sciences 3i Business Solutions

Karl Brander is Senior Partner, plant physiologist and carries a PhD in molecular biology. He completed his post-doctoral studies in the fields of allergology and immunology. In his function as product manager and sales director, he has worked in the life science industry for ten years. He is an international investment officer.

Karl has a high affinity for technologies and an extensive experience in the areas of business development and sales. In addition, he has great experience in the field of international direct investments of any origin and size. Due to his intercultural sensitivity and flexibility, he is ready to work in different countries and cultures.

Thanks to his background in the fields of plant physiology and molecular biology, Karl has in-depth knowledge when it comes to the areas of biotechnology and life sciences. Like in his former roles as product manager and sales director, the ability to communicate complex technical concepts as well as to build customer relationships are still central.

In his function as international investment officer, he is responsible for complex inward investment projects, developing new markets and building business relationships from a wide range of countries as the origin. Through his years of experience in public administration, he has a in-depth understanding and vast experience of regulatory and compliance requirements in various industries and regions. In addition, he knows the nature at all levels of public administration in the sphere of influence of politics.