Markus Steiner is Managing Partner, Swiss Federal MBA. Dipl. Purchaser and Purchasing Manager who studied at the HSG in St. Gallen. He has a management and professional experience of over 35 years in medium-sized companies as well as in multinational corporations in the field of SCM management.

Markus has extensive experience and knowledge in global SCM management from industry, especially in plant construction and series production. Further excellent experience and knowledge he has an additional excellent experience and outstanding knowledge from the electricity industry, the media industry and most recently from the banking sector. This enormous range of experience from various industries brings our customers an exceptional added value for their SCM solutions.

Furthermore, Markus brings many years of knowledge as a specialist teacher in the field of procurement management.As a consequence, he is also able to generate an added value for our customers from a self-taught point of view.

Moreover, Markus Steiner distinguishes himself as a very determined partner who approaches the agreed objectives with a clear focus and implements them in a pragmatic manner. In addition, his pleasant and calm manners are highly appreciated by the customers in the context of the SCM projects.