Patrick Mathys Interim Manager und Geschäftsführer 3i Business Solutions

Patrick Mathys is CEO and company founder, whose impressive entrepreneurial qualifications and extensive international experience extraordinarily enrich the company. He has participated in IMD Business School’s High Performance Leadership Program and has earned an EMBA in International Logistics Management from a college of applied sciences. In addition, he is Swiss MBA . Dipl. Purchaser and has lived and worked in Asia for 20 years.

Patrick has gained an extensive experience in the fields of the set-up and expansion of companies and branch offices in Asia and Europe. He has held senior positions in various companies located in Asia and Europe and has knowledge in the areas of General Management, Business Development and Sales, Procurement and Logistics. His industry experience covers watches, MEM, chemistry and trade.

Patrick has also performed international assignments in his function as interim manager in various industries. His wide range of skills and experience allows him to respond quickly to any changing demands and challenges and to develop effective solutions.

Patrick is also known for his leadership skills and for his ability to inspire and motivate teams to achieve their objectives. His international experience and understanding of different cultures are invaluable to our company.